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Now Offering a Better Way to Maintain Your Estate Plan


The Home Run Club is a Life Planning innovation – offered exclusively to clients of QCLP which provides additional security and peace of mind to its membership.

The name of the Home Run Club serves as a reminder of the four “bases” – the foundational steps of Life Planning – which the club helps you to fulfill:


First Base - Design, draft, and formally execute your Life Plan.

Second Base - Fund your Life Plan by properly retitling assets.

Third Base - Maintain your Life Plan by revising to account for life, legal, and learning changes.

Home Plate - Activate and administer your Life Plan to work at the time you become disabled or pass.
















The primary challenge with traditional planning is to keep your plan up-to-date so that it will work when you need it to.  Too often, plans become outdated and don’t operate as you might have wished.


Our program is designed to provide ongoing maintenance to keep up with the 3 types of changes confronting all plans over time.  These 3 types of changes are Life changes, Law changes, and Learning changes.  We call them “the 3 Ls”. Any plan that doesn’t keep up with the 3 Ls will soon be out-of-date. Our program ensures that you will keep your plan up-to-date so that it will give you the assistance you need whenever you need it.


The second challenge with traditional planning is adequate education and training.  Some clients choose trained professionals to administer their plan when the time comes. The majority, however, choose to use family members who are not extensively trained in the technical aspects of plan administration or in recognizing all those pesky little (or large) issues that so often come up during administration.


Our program is designed to provide you and your helpers with ongoing education to get you up to speed on administering plans and to keep you there.  Participation in our educational programming will ensure that you and your helpers are trained to know what to look for and what to do at various life stages along your planning journey.  That includes knowing when to get appropriate professional assistance and how to find it.
















Initial Funding Assistance: The firm will assist you in funding your Life Plan by:

* Preparing all instruction letters to financial institutions;

* Securing and preparing any/all company specific funding forms;

* Preparing funding verifications for all assets you have identified;

* Preparing and executing all necessary in-state deeds (Iowa and/or Illinois);

* Coordinating and tracking all aspects of the initial funding of your trust.

Continued Funding Support: Our Trust Funding Coordinator will assist you in funding newly acquired assets.

Annual Funding Review: We will conduct an Annual Funding Review to verify that old and new assets have

been properly titled and update any necessary Life Planning paperwork.



Client Update Program: Every two years, Club members receive and execute brand new Life Planning

documents which incorporate both changes in the law and any changes needed to your Life Plan. 


Annual Client Meeting: Club members are invited to an Annual Meeting, in a group setting, to discuss

the state of the firm, changes in estate planning law, a review of key concepts of your Life Plan, upcoming

educational programs, and new innovations or counseling opportunities that we offer.


Law and Learning: We continually monitor law changes as well as how attorneys interpret laws related to

your Life Plan.  We alert our club members and update documents as appropriate for these changes.




Online Life Plan Storage: Online storage of digital copies of your Life Plan is offered to Club members

through DocuBank at no additional charge. DocuBank also provides Club members a wallet card which you

can utilize to access your medical directives anytime and at any place in an emergency situation.


Digital Asset Repository: Club members are also granted access to a digital repository for online

accounts (Facebook, TreasuryDirect, PayPal, online banking, Shutterfly,  Dropbox, etc.) through Directive

Communication Systems, Inc. (DCS) at no additional charge.  Online accounts can be added or removed by

you at any time.  The repository allows you to provide instructions to preserve or delete such accounts and

who may access them in the event of your death.




A series of educational workshops are provided annually regarding estate planning and related issues.  Schedules are sent periodically to Club members.

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